September 2012

CS6 – Color look up adjustment tool

With CS6 color look up adjustment, changing the color effects of your photo is just a matter of seconds. This is a really helpful tool especially for photographers to quickly apply professional color effects to any images without any adjustment layers or actions. Open image in Adobe CS6 and go to Windows> Adjustments> Select Color Lookup Tool > Select the color profile as per your requirement. It wasn’t as easy as this before, isn’t it? Raw Image: End Result:

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Easy skin tone selection

In our studio, we have to work most of the time with photos of people. Many times we are required to work on facial enhancements. This requires us to make selection of facial portion of the images. It was always manual process to select only the skin tone of such images for further retouch, color adjustments and facial enhancements. Quiet a tedious work!! Photoshop CS6 has come up with new option to ease this process. All we need to do is – go to color range selection > enable detect face option > from dropdown menu select skin tones and then increase or decrease the fuzziness slider as per our requirement. That’s it and you get the required selection for

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Using rubber band option with pen tool

If you don’t use pen tool often in Photoshop, then making path with pen tool can be complex and time consuming cause you won’t know where your next anchor point should be. You might end up wasting lot of time and yet get final path with lot of anchor points with low precision. To avoid this, use Rubber Band option in Photoshop located in the drop down at the right of the Custom shape menu. Enable it and you get the preview how the lines and curves will line up while making selection with path. It makes creating path much easier and faster for anyone.

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