Create 3d text in Photoshop

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Creating own 3d text has become really simple since introduction of CS6 version of Adobe Photoshop. There are different 3d options available in latest version of Photoshop which has broaden its scope for designers from different fields. Today we will look at how to create 3d text in Photoshop with few clicks. Here’s a small example how you can create your own 3d Text: Step 1: We have taken following Image to...

Create a tiny little world

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Some imaginative experiments never got simpler. Photoshop has got various features and filter plugins to simply make a creative curious image editing. Since Adobe Photoshop CS 6 version, filter named “POLAR COORDINATES” is available which turns a panoramic image into 360 degree that makes image look like a planet. Let us demonstrate how to create a tiny planet: Step 1: Choose a right image. The most...

Smart Object Liquify

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Liquify is really nice tool to make lots of adjustments in images. Earlier users didn’t prefer to apply it due to its destructive nature. The effect used to get merged in the layers itself when this filter was applied. With updated version of Photoshop CS6.1 onwards, we can find new feature where we can apply Liquify filter to Smart Objects. That means even after applying this filter, we can reopen its dialog...

Create a Realistic Depth of Field

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Every person wants to capture images as good as a Photographer but most of the image tend to be simple when captured. Adobe Photoshop has updated its new features Blur Gallery where photographers/ designers can simply manipulate an image such that focus is on particular subject as a result of depth of field. We can achieve different effects via Blur Gallery tools. Lets check out with an example. We have taken image...

Adobe DNG Converter

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DNG stands for Digital Negative, It’s an open source of raw file format developed by Adobe. DNG is also said as future proof format. Using different multiple camera and processing raw file got simpler using DNG Converter. This Dng format is supported by most of the software manufactures and camera manufactures, and possess all the original property file format information. Editing the raw file creates an XMP file...

Perspective Warp in CC 14.2

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All photographers do not get correct perspective in images whether it is a one point, two points or three point perspective photography. Every time re-shooting images to make the correct perspective isn’t an option. Photoshop CC 14.2 gives us a new feature as a solution to issue of perspective using a new 3D feature grids named as Perspective Warp. It is improvised feature of old tools like distort transform...
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