Adobe DNG Converter

DNG stands for Digital Negative, It’s an open source of raw file format developed by Adobe. DNG is also said as future proof format. Using different multiple camera and processing raw file got simpler using DNG Converter. This Dng format is supported by most of the software manufactures and camera manufactures, and possess all the original property file format information. Editing the raw file creates an XMP file format whereas editing DNG raw format holds XMP into it, this is one of the big advantage. This file format is 15-50% smaller due to better compression maintaining its high quality. This DNG format is very user friendly, since it has the feature of setting its compatibility camera raw setting that can be readable by earlier version of software’s.

Using DNG converter:

  1. Open the Adobe Digital Negative Converter
  2. Select the raw image that need to be converted
  3. Give the location where the file need to be saved
  4. Give a suitable name if the file converted need to be renamed
  5. Preference lets to define lossless compression where Change preference lets us to define the compatibility settings, Jpeg preview of image rendered, Lossy Compression type and embeds the entire original raw file inside the DNG file which can be extracted later if needed.

 Download Link for Adobe DNG Converter:

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