January 2014

Smart sharpen in CC

In Photoshop CC, Adobe has improvised it’s filter section all over. New Smart Sharpen filter (Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen …) gives us an opportunity to improve image sharpness while minimizing noise and halo effects. In the filter’s dialog box, you can control the parameters Amount, Radius, Reduce Noise and choose what type of blur need to be eliminated. We can control the amount of sharpening that occurs in shadows and highlights. It’s much easier to use and gives really nice output.

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Removing edge halos after cutout

When we cutout images specially with automatic selection tool in photoshop and apply contrasting background behind it, we often get unwanted fringing that’s comprised of stray pixels, and looks like a fuzzy halo around certain parts of the image. With the help of defringe option in photoshop, we can get rid of such fringes of the image. After opening image in photoshop, with selection of foreground layer click Layers > Matting> Defringe. Enter pixel value for defringing. Really easy way to remove it, isn’t it?

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