Auto script to save layers as files

In many cases, we are required to save different layers as separate files at the end of image processing. Especially, when we are working with group product image, where each product in the image needs to be processed and saved as separate files. In such case, it might be good to save each layer as different files manually when you are working with few files. But just imagine if we are doing same thing for hundreds of group images at the same time. Even saving different layers as separate files can be time consuming task. We can do this process automatically through auto script available in Photoshop CS6. File > Script > Export layer to Files

Here is an example file for your reference:

In the example file below – glass.jpeg, there is group of glasses which needs to be cutout separately and saved separately as different jpeg files. After we have cutout the image, we place each glass in different layers as shown in screenshot below.

Rename layer name same as you want your file to be renamed as. Then go to File > Script > Export layer to Files.

This script will automatically save each file with naming convention as original filename_numbering_layername.jpeg. As per your requirement, you can save each file in any photoshop file extension. And that goes much faster than manual saving, isn’t it ?

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