B/W Adjustment layer to alter color

We have discussed various methods of adjusting color in images before. Today we are going to explain one more extra option to alter color in images within least possible time and higher precision. We are going to use adjustment layers for color correction. This may not be new to some of us, but for those who don’t know, you will surely appreciate it.

All that’s involved in this case is to create a black and white adjustment layer; then change the blend mode to Luminosity, and finally using the sliders to make the desired alternations on colors. That’s it. Adjustment layers are usually better than using other options because they will remain editable in later days after changes are made to image.

For example: Open an image with wide color range

Then create a black and white adjustment layer in top of it. This will convert image to grayscale. To bring back its color, change blending mode to Luminostity (Shift + Alt + Y).

So with black and white adjustment layer selected, it will only effect brightness value of background layer and not saturation of colors.

Now, with black and white adjustment layer open, we can bring some more details on the petals of flower. To do that, we can go to red slider on the adjustment layer and move it left or right. And so on, with other parts of image with its corresponding color sliders.

Apparently what we are doing is making changes based on a very narrow range of colors, with some simple clicks and slides. So the changes can be subtle if we want.

Once all adjustment is done and we are satisfied with end result, it’s easy to mask and brush in or out as desired.