CS6 Feature – Content Aware Move Tool

We discussed the Content Aware Fill Tool in our previous articles while we elaborated on new features of CS5. Adobe has enhanced this feature and come up with the Content Aware Move Tool in CS6. This has made it even easier and faster to move any part of the image from position A to B.

It’s really simple: make a selection around the selected part which needs to be moved. Make sure you leave some pixel outside. Then use the content aware move tool and move to the desired position where you want to place it.

There are two modes to choose from – Move and Extend. With the move option, you can move the selected part to a new position. And with the extend option, you can extend the length of a part of the selected area or also create a duplicate of the selected part in a new position.

Here are examples created with move and extend options of Content aware move tool:

Content Aware Move Option

Content Aware Extend Option

Image Source: Saleswork

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