Easy way to change color in Photoshop

Changing colors in an image? Recoloring only part of the image? Easy to do in Photoshop. How? You’ll read more about it in this article in which we show you how to recolor a sweater in Photoshop.

Step 1: Open the image in Photoshop









Step 2: New hue / saturation adjustment layer

From the layer panel create a hue/saturation adjustment layer.








A new panel opens. On top left you see a small hand icon. Click on that hand tool and click the part of the image where the color needs to change. In our case we are changing the color of the sweatshirt. At the bottom of the panel, between two color bars, a slider becomes visible.














Now take the values for the hue level and the saturation level from 0 all the way to the right. The colors of a large part of the image change. To define which color range in the image is selected, you expand the range at the bottom. Then start making the transition smoother by fine tuning the color selection. If there is some area which are not selected properly then expand it more. Play with the color selection until only the sweater is selected.









Now you can bring the values for hue and for saturation back to 0. The sweater will get its original color back. To change the color of the sweater to the color you desire, start playing with the values of hue, saturation and lightness.

The end result

In the image below we changed the color from pink to lemon. It’s that easy!