Image Editing with Camera Raw Filter

Adobe has updated it Photoshop CC with the new feature of Camera Raw Filter. In past Camera Raw was used by Photographers for editing Raw Images. Now Adobe has introduces its new filter which can not only edit Raw/DNG, Jpeg or Tiff format but can edit in Layer type. Editing an image using different adjustment layers can take longer time / hard work where Camera Raw Filter stands alone for overall image editing in limited period of time. This can impact a huge difference in quality output. This filter can also be said as nondestructive filter as it be used on Smart Objects, preserving the original beauty of an image.

Let’s begin by selecting an image on Photoshop, I selected an image of a Baby.


















Step 1:

Right click on the layer panel and choose Convert to smart object. Now go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

Step 2:
Select the Basic from the Tab toward the right, where you will find the Temperature, Exposure Contrast, Clarity etc. Use the slider to correct the level of adjustment as needed. I used bit more Exposer, Contrast, Clarity and Saturation to bring up the image bright and attractive.

Step 3:

Go to to Detail and try adjusting some sharpness and luminance value. This tab works great for smoothing the image where as removing noise taken with a high Iso.

Step 4:
Moving along to the HLS/Grayscale tab and select the Saturation secondary tab. I increased the saturation in the red, orange and yellows of my photo using the sliders, bringing out the red and yellow contrast.

Once you’re good with the look, press OK to apply these modifications. You can now make any final adjustment if needed on Layer Panel. Here is the final Image of before and after photo correction.

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