Intelligent Upsampling in Photoshop CC

Adobe has released CC version of Photoshop with some really exciting new features in it. We will continue posting articles on new features of  CC in coming weeks relevant to our work area. Today let’s check out one of its upgrading feature: Intelligent Upsampling

In previous versions of Photoshop, if we needed to convert web version images to printable format then we always had issue on quality level and it required lots of manual adjustments to achieve a compromising quality level.

Adobe Photoshop CC has come up with additional feature with solution to this issue. The all new upsampling mode in the Image Size tool (Image > Image Size) enables you to enlarge your photo using the new “Preserve Details” mode that provides sharper results than bicubic. This mode also has a noise reduction that does a great job minimizing noise in your enlargement. Check out example below done using intelligent upsampling feature of Photoshop CC .

Here is an example file done with new Intelligent upsampling feature of Photoshop CC:

Raw image: 167px X 251px, 72 dpi









Output file processed in CS6: 600px X 912px, 300 dpi





























Output file processed in CC: 600px X 912px, 300 dpi

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