Manual Brushwork to maintain loose hairs

I1: Original Image

I2: Alpha Masking











Image Source: Roularta

Often alpha masking can’t help us maintain the loose hairs while cutting out the image like one shown above. This is where the manual brushwork comes handy. With the help of pen tool, you can easily create the shape of the artificial hair and define it as a brush using EDIT > Define Brush option.
By applying alpha masking, you get the similar output as in image I2 shown above. Now in the mask layer, you can remove all the loose hairs spread on the edges. Then you can pick the color of the hair around where the artificial hair needs to be created.

Create a new layer beneath the mask layer and apply the brush that you created earlier. With the same brush, you can create all the required artificial hairs on the edge. You can adjust the shape, direction, roundness and spacing of the brush through the toggle brush palette shown below.

Toggle Brush Palette

After you have created nice artificial hair, select the mask layer and click the option – Apply layer mask. Then merge this layer with the layer containing the artificial hair. Take selection of this merged layer and add layer mask on the original image layer. You will get the final output as in image I3 shown below.

I3: Final Image

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