Quick Color Change Technique

Changing color of image is not a new thing we do in Photoshop. When we have to change color of image to specific color value, we often don’t get exact color shades in a product that we are looking for. To get exact value, we need to work around different tools like shadows, highlights, etc. In this article, we will look into a different technique to overcome this issue.

This technique is more effective when we have to change image having different shades of same color. We have taken image of already cutout car as our sample. We will change yellow car to green car.

Change color mode of raw file to lab color. In a different layer, make a shape filled with #00ff00 (this is just a reference layer for checking green color). In tool bar, select Color Sample Tool from Eye dropper tool option and select color from our reference layer. Then we can see value of this color in Info bar as L: 88 a: -79 b: 80.

Now select layer with our raw car image and select make color sample tool. Select darkest color of yellow in original car. In info panel, you can see value of this color as L: 45 a: 13 b: 52.











Then go to Image> Adjustment> Curve and select option to click and drag in image to modify the curve. Select color sample tool again and click in same point where we had taken dark color reference of the image. This will mark the color in the curve graph. Select that mark point clicking SHIFT +CTRL+CLICK. Now change value of this marked point from L: 45 a: 13 b: 52 to L: 88 a: -79 b: 80

Take selection of car and delete the background color using mask layer. In same mask layer, also remove other parts of car that doesn’t need color change.

You will see same car in same green color we have taken from reference layer with all details of light and reflections maintained as in raw file. You can also move the point in the curve graph to different position to change color depth of the image.

When you read the above steps, it seems difficult to follow. However, when you do it yourself, process is much easier to implement. Try it out and leave us your feedback.


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