Quick Portrait Retouche

Everyone wants to look beautiful in their image but in reality it doesn’t happen while taking photos. Retouching each blemishes, spots and inequalities with healing, patch or clone tool is time consuming and hectic process. Today we will look at quick and better technique to retouch such images.

We have taken image of a beautiful lady with disturbing skin pours and blemishes as our sample.




















Duplicate background layer as Layer 1 and convert it to smart object. Then go to Filter and apply surface blur with radius value around 30 and threshold value 31. You can adjust those values later again as per your requirement.

Then go to Filter >Add noise and apply Gaussian blur with 1% amount. Duplicate original layer as Layer 2 and place it above Layer 1. Go to Filter > Other > High Pass with radius 1 pixel. Apply soft light blending option to this layer from the layer panel.

Now, group all the adjustment layers we created above original layer and with selection of soft brush with around 40-50% opacity apply brush above blemishes, spot areas, etc that needs to be removed. We will now see that blemishes are removed whereas the original details of image is maintained in the image.

If you like to make your image more beautiful, apply optimum brightness/ contrast or go to Adjustment and apply vibrance with optimum value.

One more tips to make it look better: Merge all the adjustment layer – duplicate that layer and apply Gaussian blur with around 6 value. Finally blend it with screen option with around 40% opacity.

Here is how the final image looks. It seems like long process when we read above process but it doesn’t take time to do it yourself. Try it out and leave us your feedback!

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