Recover the detail of the image

Direct images from camera misses the detail of the image in it. In Photoshop CS5, we can recover back those details of the image using the HDR Toning feature. This feature allows the user to apply HDR like tone mapping to single image.

Steps to follow are pretty simple: After opening image in Photoshop, go to Image > Adjustment> HDR Toning. You can see the preview of the change in the image already when the dialog box appears. As per the requirement, glow, tone and detail, color and toning curves & histogram can be adjusted.

Edge Glow helps to regain bright areas settings. The radius value sets the size of the bright areas and the strength sets the distance required to differentiate the bright and the non-bright areas.

Tone and Details helps to set colors and tone details through a set of options such as Gamma, Exposure, Details, Shadow and Highlight.

Color helps to set the intensity of the subtle colors through the Vibrancy and sets the color saturation through the Saturation value.

Tone Curve help to set the lamination of the image through the histogram curve which lets the user to add points and drag it to adjust the image lamination. One can add as many points required. Every point presents a change in the curve values that affect the image.

See the example below created with HDR Toning feature:

Camera Raw Image
Image adjusted with HDR Toning

Image Source: Testclient – Mimi Richner Mollerus

HDR Toning feature can also be used to create dramatic effects similar to HDR through combining multiple exposures of same image.