Reduce PSD File Size Without Quality Loss

Reduce PSD File Size without Quality Loss

When file size is heavy, unnecessarily much time is spent. File size matters when sharing via any means. As a solution to lessen file size, many designers reduce the resolution of their PSDs which results on reduced quality as well. With some simple tricks mentioned below, file size of a PSDs can be reduced without losing its quality. You can either follow one or all of the options below to reduce file size.

1. Put a solid white layer on Top

Photoshop’s high quality file previews are weighty. Hide all your work behind a solid white layer on Top.

 2. Only keep the Essentials

It’s easy to forget some of the junk that accrues as you create your document.

Delete: * hidden layers * a layer for your color palette * notes and measurements

3. Merge / Flatten Layers

The PSD with 100 layer is much larger than the PSD with10.Where and when possible, we can merge several layers to one. This will also help make the layers look organized and clear.

4. Apply Layer Mask

Layer mask adds some weight on file size. So we can apply layer mask by Right-clicking on a mask, then apply it for instant file size reduction.

5. Crop Oversized layers to Document Bounds

Any graphics and colors you leave off the canvas add to your file size. Delete anything in the document that is

off-canvas. As a quick fix, hit command-A to select all, then go to Image > Crop.

6. Rasterize smart Object

Smart object makes the file size heavy. When you rasterize a smart object, you’re removing option, which saves space. This is a simple fix, commonly forgotten.

Layer > Smart Object >Rasterize

7. Use Adjustment Layers

We generally tend to duplicate the layer during editing image. Instead we can use adjustment layer for editing. This reduces file size a lot.

Image > Adjustment

8. Delete the path/Alpha Channel

Delete the unnecessary working path/channel before saving your document.