Removing blemishes

Everyone using photoshop must have used clone tool, heal tool or patch tool for removing pimples and blemishes. Today we will look at new method that will do the same work in pretty less time.

Get an image of a model with needs skin retouche.























Duplicate layer and then in the layer palette, change the blending option to “Vivid light” and invert using Image > Adjustment > Invert (Shortcuts: Ctrl + I / Command + I). Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Adjust the value of the blur to the level where blemishes are less visible.

After that go to Filter > Other > Highpass. Value of highpass should be set to the level where both blemishes and blurriness of the image is optimum. Now apply layer mask to the duplicate layer and using brush, only make the corrected skin visible. While doing so, also set opacity and flow of the brush to optimum level as per your requirement. You will get the final output and this is much faster than using the clone, heal or patch tool to fix the skin.


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