Replacing one image over another

Suppose that you want to place an image over another one in right perspective and position; traditionally for this, we copy one image and paste it over another image and then use transform, wrap or perspective tool to adjust it. You won’t be satisfied yet after spending quiet a long time as images doesn’t fit in right perspective through manual transforming and adjustments.

We have a better alternative in Photoshop to ease this process in less time and with perfect placement. Here is an illustration how to achieve it with the Vanishing point tool in Photoshop:

Image 1: Image of monitor

Image 2: Image of scenery

Objective: Place Image 2 in the screen of Image 1.

Solution in few steps:

  1. Open both of those images in Photoshop. And then Select Image 2 (Ctrl + A) and copy (Ctrl + C).
  2. Select Image 1 and go to Filter > Vanishing point. Then you will see extra options to choose Grid Size, angle and create plane tool enabled in vanishing point window.
  3. Choose create plane tool and select the four corners of the screen of Image 1. You will see grid in the area that you have selected like in the sample below:
  4.  Grid can be adjusted using the anchor points if required. Then paste (Ctrl + V) image 2 on the same window, transform the image size as per the size of the screen and drag image 2 to the grid. Image 2 fits in right on the screen of Image 1 with right perspective. To adjust the area of Image 2 that needs to be visible on the screen use the grid size option. During this process, you can also adjust extra options – feather, opacity, heal options and move modes to adjust the image in right format. Done that – you have got the desired output!! Wasn’t that simple enough?
  5. Note: While pasting Image 2 in the vanishing point window, if the image is in really large size then we will have to enable transform option to drag image in the grid. For this – after pasting the image, press (T) to enable transform option and drag on the grid.

Image Source: Electronic partner and Saleswork

Output result: