Swift method to cutout using Erase tool

The erase tool can be a very helpful tool to cutout images with the same color background. Especially if the image is intended to be used for web and doesn’t need high quality precision. For such images, cutout of images can be done with just a few clicks using this tool. However, if you are looking for a quick solution and require high quality output this is not the right tool.

Use of the Magic Eraser Tool:
Select the Magic eraser tool, in any part of background. It will do its magic – remove the background color with one click (given image has only one background color). In case of multiple colors, you will need to repeat the process again.

Use of Background Eraser Tool:

To cutout an image with this tool, first click the brush in any part of the background. Then continue dragging the brush to the remaining background parts. Main idea is with the first click we set the sample color for erasing and then by dragging it to the remaining parts with same color, it erases it along. To select different color, you will need to repeat the same process again.

Image Source: Twelve


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