Useful Photoshop shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop CS6 has maintained all the features from the older version and added new features that help users to get better quality in less possible time frame. You might be familiar with all the features but not all shortcuts. Here is the list of useful shortcuts for both Mac and PC to work even faster than clicking through the tools.

Tool palette through Shortcuts


Useful shortcuts for other functions:

Task Shortcut (Windows) Shortcut (Mac)
Draw straight lines. Alt-click with Lasso tool Option-click with Lasso tool
Add to the selection outline. Shift-drag Shift-drag
Deselect from the selection area. Alt-drag Option-drag
Deselect all but the intersected area. Hold down Shift+Alt and drag Hold down Shift+Option and drag
Deselect the entire image. Ctrl+D Command+D
Reselect the last selection. Ctrl+Shift+D Command+Shift+D
Hide extras. Ctrl+H Command+H
Fill the selection with foreground color. Alt+Backspace Option+Delete
Fill the selection with background color. Ctrl+Backspace Command+Delete
Reapply the last filter. Ctrl+F Command+F
Adjust levels. Ctrl+L Command+L
Use Free Transform. Ctrl+T Command+T
Edit Key Shortcuts Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + K.
Preferences Ctrl + K Command + K
Levels Ctrl + L Command + L
Curves Ctrl + M Command + M
Hue / Saturation Ctrl + U Command + U
Color Balance Ctrl + B Command + B
Desaturate Ctrl + Shift + U Command + Shift + U
Image Size Ctrl + Alt + I Command + Option + I
New Layer Shift + Ctrl + N Command + Shift + N
Liquify Shift + Ctrl + X Command + Shift + X
Invert Ctrl + I Command +I
Fit on screen Ctrl + 0 Command + 0
Ruler Ctrl + R Command + R
Show grid Ctrl + ‘ Command + ‘
Show guides Ctrl +; Command + ;
Locking Guides Alt + Ctrl + ; Option + Command + ;
Brush size [ and ] [ and ]
Brush hardness Shift + [ and Shift +] { and }

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