August 2012

Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

Many times while photographing image, we can’t capture as much area of the image as we desired due to the constraint of space. This forms rounded edges and bent lines in the captured images. In order to overcome this, we can use the new feature of Photoshop CS6 – Adaptive Wide Angle Filter. This filter helps to straighten the bent lines and curves of images taken with fisheye or wide angle lens. Here is an example how to use this filter option to straighten the bent lines: Raw Image: Choose Filter > Adaptive wide angle. In the right side, choose the “Perspective” from correction drop down menu. Using the constraint tool from the top left of the tool palette, draw

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Replacing one image over another

Suppose that you want to place an image over another one in right perspective and position; traditionally for this, we copy one image and paste it over another image and then use transform, wrap or perspective tool to adjust it. You won’t be satisfied yet after spending quiet a long time as images doesn’t fit in right perspective through manual transforming and adjustments. We have a better alternative in Photoshop to ease this process in less time and with perfect placement. Here is an illustration how to achieve it with the Vanishing point tool in Photoshop: Image 1: Image of monitor Image 2: Image of scenery Objective: Place Image 2 in the screen of Image 1. Solution in few steps:

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Quick steps to change hair color

If you are wondering about easy steps to change hair color in Photoshop, here are the rapid steps to get the desired result: Take already cutout model image and create a duplicate layer. Apply soft light blending option to the duplicate layer. Select a soft brush and apply required color only on the hair part of the model in the duplicate layer as in the sample shown below: Take the selection of the cutout model and remove the parts outside the selection. After that, in the duplicate layer; using masking or erase tool, remove the facial part other than the hair. You will get the final output. If you intend to adjust or change the color of the hair, with

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