May 2013

Auto script to save layers as files

In many cases, we are required to save different layers as separate files at the end of image processing. Especially, when we are working with group product image, where each product in the image needs to be processed and saved as separate files. In such case, it might be good to save each layer as different files manually when you are working with few files. But just imagine if we are doing same thing for hundreds of group images at the same time. Even saving different layers as separate files can be time consuming task. We can do this process automatically through auto script available in Photoshop CS6. File > Script > Export layer to Files Here is an example

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Creating logo using Photoshop CS6

Photoshop is massively used for photo editing, adding effects and creating graphic designs and web designs. It is better known for its pixel based output. Nevertheless, Photoshop also contains tools to help create logos that can be used for prints and various media platform. We no more have to fear that logo created in Photoshop will lose its quality when enlarged to larger dimension or resolution. Using simple tools of Photoshop CS6, we can easily create vector quality logos. This post will be helpful for ones who don’t possess Illustrator or any other vector based software for such purpose. Let’s take a small jpeg logo image as reference to trace. Following image below is small size image which when enlarged

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